Saturday, November 26, 2011


After thanksgiving, there are so many turkey bones, invading the kitchen, the refrigerator, the pots and pan….
 Using all these leftover turkey bones, neck bones, wings tips, ones can make a big pot soup. Boiling and boiling the soup for hours…. You can add all kind of vegetables: carrot, celery, peppers (all colors), parsnip, onion, small potatoes.

You can add rice or small little pasta and the soup is ready.  

If you have fresh cut parsley, dill, or lovage is all you really need, for “Thanksgiving” next day dinner. 

In Romania we add a little more to this soup and we call it “next day soup” and in some region is called “darn salted soup”  =ciorba de potroace= because we add sauerkraut pickled jus from the barrel. Although that the sauerkraut juice is somehow salted, adding to this “chicken bone soup” adds more a sour, than salted taste …

This sour soup is traditional Romanian recipe  you get the same effect adding lemon juice.


Bones from one chicken, + neck, + wings
2 carrots, 2 parsley root, 2 parsnip root, 1 small celery root
4tbs rice
  1/2tsp salt
4cups water
½ cup lemon juice (in Romania we have sour juice from pickled cabbage)
A bunch of lovage (very, very appreciated in Roman in soups) chopped; parsley will be good too;
2 yolks, beaten with ½ cup cream (optional)

 When you add bitten eggs to a soup you have to temper the eggs/cream temp, adding slowly some hot soup to the egg mixer bowl, and then added to a hot soup. Otherway  the egg will curl and the soup is ruined!

A wonderful soup, hot and refreshing!

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