Thursday, July 14, 2016


           3 lb apricot (to  obtain  2 lb pitted apricot)
            2 lb sugar
             juice of one lemon

For apricot jam we chose beautiful, untainted and not very ripe apricot.
This recipe is good for no more than 2 lb apricot, pitted. For more jars, use another 2 lb pitted apricot. 

   MY NOTE: the recipe require  to peel the apricots, but one can cut each half, in half, Instead of peel them, which is very laborious work..

Wash and discard the apricot pits and weighed 2 lb pitted apricot. 
In the saucepan  that you are going to make jam next day, put together, in the evening, these apricot with 2 lb of sugar. Cover the pot with a fresh towel and leave it  on the counter, over night. 

The next day, bring the apricots to boil and stir with a clean, wood spoon from time to time, until it start bubbling. 

STRAWBERRY MOUSSE (modified by me)

Ingredients: MODIFIED from BBC Paul Hollywood, “strawberry mousse cake”.