Sunday, March 2, 2014


  I found this recipe in the ALEXANDRA COOKS blog, and the moment I read it, I knew it is a recipe I have to try. When it comes to bread, it has to be simple, tasty and easy to make.
 The ingredients are the same as any bread making,  flour, water sugar, salt and yeast. No fancy. This is why  Alexandra is calling this bread "PEASANT BREAD". The difference is into the procedure. So simple and so quick...using no knead bread technique....baked into oven safe  mixing bowls (Pyrex, Corelle, Corning ).
  All procedure is about 3 hours, and you have a tall bread, soft, with not as crunchy crust  that I like, good for sandwich and soups.
  For me the fresh bread is good for everything....

NOTE 1: The size of baking dish is very important to get the tall round bread:

The whole batch of dough in one Pyrex bowl  2 qt (2 L)  in size;  OR

The two half batch into two Pyrex bowls about 1-L(1-qt) or 1.5 L(1.5qt) in size;

I had a corning ware bowl of 2qt and I bought from ebay 2 other 1.5qt bowls   from EBAY for $12.

STRAWBERRY MOUSSE (modified by me)

Ingredients: MODIFIED from BBC Paul Hollywood, “strawberry mousse cake”.