Friday, August 3, 2018

Turkish Abagannuc in Florida (HAKAN’s Baba Ghanoush)

Last week I had the pleasure to meet HAKAN and his beautiful wife and their children. They are turks and lately live in Romania.

  We were invited to our friends who came from Romania for summer vacation. Hakan and his family came with them…..summer vacation, for all…..

When I enter in the house I see Hakan at the huge outside kitchen , all involved in grilling, drinking, speaking…. I feel I am at the right place… I remember in Romania, as a child  in summers, waking on streets…..  smelling eggplant  burning on the grill…. bring so loving memory for me….

  Entering into my friends house, in Florida, Hakan on the terrace,  nursing a grill and a beer had  peppers, onion, tomatoes….beside a lot of eggplants… on the grill…Wonderfull smell that is attracting you there…. 
The children were happy, shouting and jumping in a enormous infinity pool, right on left of the terrace!

Hakan said is making for all of us, Baba Ghanoush! Wonderful! I was thinking!!!!.... real  Baba Ghanoush by a turk, from Turkey in Florida!! I was preparing for a real treat.

I have seen all the vegetables on grill, I was thinking he is going to make a additional salad…. But NOOO! he cleaned, cut, mushed , all the grilled vegetable, together: tomatoes, colored peppers, few hot peppers, eggplant, making a tasteful mush….


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