Sunday, June 26, 2011

MEMORIAL DAY,a prayer, hamburger and hotdogs



 Memorial Day is a Federal Holiday observed on the last Monday of May.

    Formerly known as Decoration Day, which was first recorded to have been observed by Freedmen (freed enslaved southern blacks) in Charleston, South Carolina in 1865, at the Washington Race Course, to remember the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War.

    Over time, it was extended after World War I to honor all Americans who have died in all wars. Now known as Memorial Day, it is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the army.
    Families are celebrating all loved one, who passed way. The cemetery are cleaned (after a long winter) planting flowers, burn candles.

One of Quincy, MA cemetery, in spring.

    Memorial Day often marks the start of the summer vacation season, 
and " Labor day" its end.

We invited our very good friends for a barbeque, hamburgers and hot dogs.
Before we start eating, Geoffrey pray for this Memorial Day:

Father in heaven,
on this Memorial Day we commend to your mercy the souls of our men and women in uniform
who died in the cause of liberty. 
We also commend those injured in combat, both those injured in body and those injured in mind. 
We commend to your loving mercy the families of all who have served and do serve. 
We ask that you enlighten the minds of those who send our young into battle. 
May we always be grateful for the sacrifices others have made for our freedom.
We ask in the name of Jesus Christ, your son, our lord, who lives and reigns forever. AMIN

   I am not as good as "everybody else" in making hamburger, not in grilled them either.

I always have somebody who helped me.

First, I arranged a station for "making your own hamburger”:

         1. different kind of ground meats,(beef, lamb, tuna, turkey) in one  hamburger portion, in a plastic bag...on ice

         2. different sauces: Worcester, barbeque sauce, salsa, mustard

         3. few grounded duchesses

         4. different herbs: oregano, tarragon, lemon-thyme, basil, garlic

Everybody made their own hamburger, mixed in the bag, and my friend Janice cooked them to PERFECTION!!

Cold bear and a very good salad (from my garden) made to be a very special day!!!!.

Thanks, Geoffrey, Janice, Barbara and Bill.

MOTHER'S DAY - cooking with my grandson

"Mother's day" is here. I received a huge bucket of flowers from my daughter, son in law and my grandson. Such nice flowers! Tulips and dark blue iris. I spread them around the house, many vases, many  rooms, many flours!

I spend the day going with my mother to a wonderful museum, in Cambridge,/Harvard Museum of Natural History, I was interested to show my mother, just 2 rooms: the Glass Flower Museum, an amazing copy of all the herbs and trees, in glass, made over 2 generations of artists, in Germany, at the end of nineteen century. My mother was so surprised to see this splendor, she was really happy and interested.
I found a very good video at utube, enjoy!

In the evening I start cooking with my grandson, who is 3. He loves sweets and he knows that being around me in the kitchen is a very good thing FOR HIM!!

He helped me to make: “croissant aux chocolate" and after I baked, all of us, we had a nice evening with tea and croissant aux chocolate.

You can find my recipe and pictures here:

 A wonderful MOTHER'S DAY , 2011!


Saturday, June 25, 2011


MASTER GARDENER,  my husband

RADU IS THE MASTER GARDENER, and because of this, I can have my herb's garden, in a nice narrow bed, along to my left site of my house.

I value very much my basil, in august they make big flowers, that I dry and use in a big quantity in a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, that I can have it for all year for salads....and flavor.

Mint is growing so well this year! I went to Pikity place
this spring, were I find all my unusual plant to garden.

There, I had a wonderful lunch, in the middle of a NH forest, and I picked the orange mint to plant this year: this is going to be a wonderful thee that I make in the morning, with orange mint from my garden.....


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