Sunday, December 6, 2009

bread baking challenge # 24 PANETONE


PANETTONE =pane di tony (Antony's bread).

First I added all the ingredients, mix all with the paddle of my "Cuisine art",

I add butter, soften, at room temperature, tbs by tablespoon, until is well mixed in the dough,

and then I add dried cherry(I didn't have any raisins) soaked for a while in dark rum, orange and lemon essence. I zest a lemon and I add to dough, to mix all together after I change the paddle with the hook.
The hook will kneed for 10 minutes, at medium speed.

After 2 hours, the dough will rise a lot, almost get out of my bowl


Cut the dough in 2 parts, to bake in 2 pots. I chose to use an old big coffee can, because I read long time ago it is good for this kind of Christmas bread.
I arrange a coffee can  lining with parchment paper,  and I put half of the dough, at the bottom of the can.
 2 more hours until the dough raised at at the end of the can.

Bake at 325F for 1h and 30 minutes. I tryed at 1hour to see if it is baked, but the stick came out full of dough, so I keep it in oven 30 minutes more.
Perfectly brown and well done!

I keep it on wooden stick, to cool down and I am going to cut a slice, when is cooled.
The whole house smell vanilla, sugar, oranges and lemon... What a remembrance of my child Christmas days!!!



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