Saturday, July 2, 2011

bread baking challenge #29: PUGLIESE BREAD

PUGLIESE BREAD / paine italiana din sud

Pugliese bread (#29) is in the same category with Ciabatta (#7), they are RUSTIC breads.

One difference is geographical: Pugliese originated in the south of Italy (Puglia), Ciabatta originated in the north of Italy (Lombardia).

The main distinction is in the shape: Pugliese is round shaped, Ciabatta is elongated, as a “slipper” from where is the name coming from.

One day before making this bread we make 2 cups “biga” (Italian word for “pre-ferment”) : 2c and ½ flour+1/2 tsp yeast+3/4 warm water. Make a nice kneaded dough, leave at room temp to rise, and keep overnight in refrigerator.

Next day, cut “biga” in small pieces, to warm a little at room temp, and add  in a electric mixer  the rst of ingredients:

       2c and ¼ flour

       1 and ½ tsp salt

        1tsp yeast

        1c and ½ warm water

and OPTIONAL: ¼ cup smashed boiled potato ( tenderize the bread because of potato' starch).

The dough will be more sticky, to touch, than silky. Use a lot of flour to shape.

Shape it elongated, mist with olive oil, fold in tree, cover and leave to rest 30 minutes. at room temp.

Repeat these steps:  shaping, oil, resting, 3 times ( 90 minutes).

Oil a large bowl, transfer the dough in the bowl, cover with plastic wrap  and leave 90 minutes to room temp, to double in size.

Cut in 2 pieces, shape into 2 “boules”, round, neat, tucked under, mist with oil/water and spread with flour/corn meal .

Cover with plastic and leave at room temp for about 2h, until double in size.

We should prepare the oven: 500F, and add a pan with on the bottom of the oven.

Keep the breads there for 10-15 minutes, lower the temp for 450F and bake for 20-25 minutes more, until bread temp reach 200F, in the middle of it.

Remove the loaves from oven and cool on a rack.  Cut slices after it cool down.

The result is very crispy outside and extremely soft and moist, inside. a wonderful Italian, white bread.

Pugliese, sau paine italiana este o paine rustica, asa cum e si Ciabatta bread. Aceste doua paini, sint asemanatoare, diferenta e ca una, Ciabatta, e originara din nordul Italiei (Lombardia)iar cealata provine din Sudul Italiei, din regiunea Puglia. Se deosebesc si ca forma: pugliese este o paine rotunda, Ciabata are o forma de "papuc de casa " ovala si plata.

bread baking challenge #23: PANE SICILIANO/ SICILIAN BREAD/ #23

Sicilian bread =Pane Siciliano #23

This bread is a perfect mixer from semolina  flour (40%) and high gluten /like bread flour/ (60%) flour. Semolina is a gritty, sandy flour from durum wheat, that brings a pleasant crispy consistency.

You need first 3 cups of patee fermentee, that you make a day ahead and keep in refrigerator overnight: 1c and 1/8 unbleached all purpose flour + 1c and 1/8 brad flour+3/4 tsp salt, +1/2 tsp yeast +3/4 c warm water, knead for 6 min and keep at room temp for an hour, in oily bowl until tomorrow morning, in refrigerator.

Cut  patee fermentee  in about 10 small pieces this 3 cups,  and add:

1cup and 3/4 unbleached bread flour

1cup and 3/4 semolina flour

1tsp and 1/4 salt

1tsp and 1/4 yeast

2tbs oil

1tbs honey

1c and 1/2 warm water

Stir all together, manually knead or in a electric mixer to make a nice, silky dough.

 Ferment the dough at room temp covered with plastic wrap for about 2h,  the dough double in size.

 cut the dough in 3 pieces and start shaping, in a very special shape "s" or make a long loaf.

Making a long tread, start working from both end. coil in both direction, making a "s" shape.

 Mist the loaves with water, spread sesame seeds on top and place in refrigerator overnight, or leave at room temp for about 2h, to double in size.

 Start oven at 500F, place a pan of water at the bottom of oven and put full proofed loaves for 15 minutes, to become nice and brown

Turn oven at 450F and leave to bake for about 20-25 minutes, until internal temperature rich 200F.

Outside is very crispy, inside is very soft, but the semolina ingredient bring a little crunchy to the crumbles.


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