Sunday, September 26, 2010

Looking for the best WHOLE WHEAT BREAD recipe:#1, an amateur contest.

Looking for the best whole wheat bread recipe: an amateur contest 
 #1 Ileana's bread,by bread machine(zojirushi)

My colleague, Gene, came to me if I know a good hole wheat bread recipe, by bread machine, because he doesn’t have good luck with it.

I told him we are a little group who is trying recopies, and taste them and change them, and so on, and bread it is the recipe that is the link in between us, the connection and the reason to start the group. We are all going to try to get the best recipe.

I am going to start with bread machine recipe and then to see if I can improve…. Brandon love to knead and has some old books from his grandmother that he enjoy to try; Janice is trying something too, but she is the taster and the balance of this group. Gene will decide and try some recipes, too…..

I start by reading the recipe from the bread machine book (Zojirushi) and I search internet:

A whole wheat  loaff without gluten: heavy, uneavely baked, raw-a discard

all the recipes for 100% wheat flour bread need gluten. Gluten is a protein that is lacking in the whole wheat flour and is a big part of White flour. Gluten give the elasticity of the dough, and make bread (together with yeast) to rise tall. No matter what bread machine you use, you will get a splendid result for a loaf of white bread compare to wheat bread ( I tried at list 8 brands, and the “Zojurushi” is by far the best brand for this kind of flour).

First, I bought whole wheat flour and gluten and I follow the book recipe:

1 7/8 cups luke water

5 cups wheat flour

3tbs sugar (I amusing honey)

2tbs dry milk

2tsp salt

4tbsp vital wheat gluten

2tbs butter

2tsp dry east

Put all of the ingredients in the order is described and start the process of making bread.

In almost 4 h, I had a quite nice, raised, baked loaf of whole wheat loaf of bread.

Compare to a white flour loaf, my wheat loaf is not bad…

Depend what my group will decide, tomorrow, judging the taste and the look….

Friday, September 3, 2010


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