Saturday, June 25, 2011


MASTER GARDENER,  my husband

RADU IS THE MASTER GARDENER, and because of this, I can have my herb's garden, in a nice narrow bed, along to my left site of my house.

I value very much my basil, in august they make big flowers, that I dry and use in a big quantity in a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, that I can have it for all year for salads....and flavor.

Mint is growing so well this year! I went to Pikity place
this spring, were I find all my unusual plant to garden.

There, I had a wonderful lunch, in the middle of a NH forest, and I picked the orange mint to plant this year: this is going to be a wonderful thee that I make in the morning, with orange mint from my garden.....

CHOCOLATE PASCA (EASTER) /pasca cu ciocolata ( my mom's)/

My mom's recipe, (romanian): Se pune de cu seara 1kg smantana pe un servet, deasupra unei tavi cu malai. A doua zi dimineata...