Sunday, September 27, 2009

bread baking challenge # 19 -MARBLED RYE BREAD


I started another challenge,  MARBLED RYE BREAD.I admired this bread in Bakery but  I had no idea you make 2 dough and to one of the dough add 2 tsp coffee/or cocoa, to make dark color. Then you combine this 2 dough to have a pattern, spiral or irregular shape. 

I used the bread machine to mix and rise the light rye and dark rye ( 2 tsp cocoa added) dough 

Once the 2 hour passed, the dough is well mixed, smooth, and nice raised.

I cut in 2 peaces, each dough.

To make spiral shape one roll the 2 pieces of dough, in a flat shape and roll them together to have a loaf well formed.

Another shape can be if you make small parts, equal as number from the light rye or dark rye and just put together in a shape of a loaf without following a specifically order.

I covered with plastic wrap and leave at room temp for 90 minutes to rise again.

Bake for 45 minutes at 380F, until the top and bottom sound hollow  and is nice and brown.

It is a soft, hearty bread, firm crumbs and very tasty.

easy, no bake, CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE /tort spuma de ciocolată fără coacere/

I found this adorable video, in romanian, at utube. Cristina and her cute little boy  is telling...