Sunday, April 11, 2010



HEDGEHOG CAKE, a little bit scary, a little bit thrilling.

This is the cake my mother used for our b-day, and I remember very well.... and my cousins and my brother too...

 Landen is already 2 years old!!! I can't believe it....

The hedgehog cake that my mother used to make for us, was so thrilling and scary in the same time... We used to see this roll of spins around the garden, and we were so scare of them....I must be 3 or 4 years old and I remember telling my mother that I don't want the butt, because must smell, and I don't want the head, must have a lot of bones.... My brothers, my cousins they remember this cake very clear, even now at their older age!!!!!

A weekend before his b-day and just before my mother (his great-grandmother) was living Florida to go home in Nashua NH, we celebrate in between us (we were watching and be present at skype) his B-day and
my mother bake and arrange the "hedgehog cake).
 He just can't wait to have a piece!  He was eating and eating and keep saying: more.... more.... more... as he does when he like something. He timidly, try to touch the spins, but better eat then play....

What LAnden Giani, really like is the movie "CARS" He is watching and watching all the time. So we have for him a "Lightening McQueen" car tort, for his Birthday.... All the children, his friends and his parents friends were there for his celebration...

Happy B-day, little guy!

This is the way that my mother shape the cake, to be a hedgehog (=porcupine).

You can have a single layer cake and a chocolate cream of your choice.You can bake, and/or buy these 2 ingredients:

Add some orange juice to cake, be be moist, not dry: just enough not to be too wet.

Make a very good chocolate cream:

and keep adding cream to the moist cake.

Add almond's slivers row by row, 2 big almond slice for ears ,2 brown chocolate candies for eyes and one big candy for mouth....

Happy birthday and bone appetite!

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