Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter is a big tradition in our family. We go to church, Saturday midnight, and we come back home with the burning candle, to bring light in our house and in our life.

The spring is coming, a new life a new beginning. We never miss the Easter service.

 Traditional we have for the supper, after church service, (around one o clock in the morning) colored eggs, that we crack with each other, feta cheese, scallion, radish and cozonac (Romanian panettone) plain, or rolled with walnuts.

For desert, we have "pasca" which can be with cheese or chocolate. I always liked the chocolate one, and we use the same dough as for panettone. My grandmother used to make cozonac (panettone) from 10 kg flour, my mother used 3-4 kg flour when we were children. I remember being a child and my mother and my grandmother, kneading, baking in the kitchens for days, and they always have time to make for me and my brother, frayed donuts from the pantone dough... What happy days!!.

easy, no bake, CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE /tort spuma de ciocolată fără coacere/

I found this adorable video, in romanian, at utube. Cristina and her cute little boy  is telling...