Saturday, January 21, 2012

bread baking challenge: # 16 KAISER ROLLS


These rolls remind me of my childhood school time, when they were the everyday sandwich, in my school bag. They were puffy, deliciously, white, with seeds: poppy, sesame…this is all I remember.
Reading this recipe I realized they are like any bread dough but it is a way to bread them to be tall and puffy. This is the challenge in this recipe.


1 and ½ cups pate fermente
2 and ¼ unbleached flour
¾ teaspoon salt
1teaspoon malt syrup
1 large egg
1 and ½ tablespoon oil
¾ cups water


Pate fermente should be in your refrigerator, leftover from bread that you baked few days (up to 3 days) ago. You can use it in this recipe cold, because it will be warm enough during the dough preparation.

You mix all the ingredients and put in an oily bowl, covered with plastic, to double in size (about an hour).

I used the bread machine, dough cycle, to have a nice, raised dough, in 2 hours.

You make flat dough and cut long slices so you can start breading in a special shape. In the Reinhart book that we follow in this challenge, it is a very good picture, which I follow to shape my Kaiser rolls:

I put all of the rolls on oily parchment paper or on parchment paper covered with corn meal and leave to proof, covered with plastic wrap, at room temp for about 45 minutes.  

Bake the rolls after proofing at 425F, in a steamed oven for 10 minutes and 20 minutes at 400F to be brown and crunchy outside. Inside of the rolls temp should be 200F.

If you have any bread dough in refrigerator these rolls are very quick and easy to bake for a very good winter soup, or sandwich for picnic on the summer beach.

It is so nice to wake up and the house smells of fresh baked rolls!


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easy, no bake, CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE /tort spuma de ciocolată fără coacere/

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