bread baking challenge #43= ASIAGO CHEESE

 ASIAGO CHEESE, CARAMELIZED ONION LOAF a bread baking challenge.

I receved a cup of "bram" from my friend and colleague in baking, Brandon, who nourish this "bram" for almost a week, already. From rye flour and pineapple juice, left on the counter, at room temp and mixing, adding, moving to a warmer place.... he manage to have 3 bubbling, sour smelling  cups of "bram.

This way, me, Brandon and Janice start  baking ASIAGO, ONION, BREAD- part of our challenge.
I start with the sponge, bram, flour and water, mix well, rised for 4 h and left in refrigerator overnight.

Next day I start making the dough, with sponge, yeast, flour,salt and milk, in stand-up mixer, to be knead well. Adding 2 cups of shredded ASIAGO cheese, make all the difference for this dough.

Asiago cheese can assume different textures, according to its  aging process  from smooth for the fresh Asiago (Asiago Pressato) to a crumbly  texture for the aged cheese (Asiago d'allevo) of which the  flavor is reminiscent of  parmesan. The aged cheese is often grated in  salads, soups and pastas while  the fresh Asiago is sliced to prepare  Panini or sandwich; it can also be melted on a variety of dishes, including  bagels and breads.
The only "official" Asiago is produced in the north Italy  alpine area of the town of  Asiago province of Vicenza, in the  Veneto  region, and now is also made in the Alpine region of the  province de Trento, in the Trentino region.  Alpine milk is what makes Asiago a special, healthy  cheese.  Alpine meadow  have a larger variety of grass species, medicinal plants and flowers all of which contribute to a better tasting milk with a higher protein content.    (From Wikipedia )

After 4h raise, covered with plastic wrap, the dough is soft, flexible, and ready to be shaped.

I poor some caramelized sliced onion,  some oil and more shredded cheese to top the bread.


Ready to bake, I covered and lefted in a warm place, to rise more.

Baked at 500F for 20 minutes and rotate, 20 minutes more to be nice, brown and sound hollow.

What a wonderful lunch with a hearty bowl of soup!


  1. Ileana, This is a lot of work!!! Can I have Panera do the challenge for me :)

  2. Dear Sakina, "Panera" can do it,but it is such a nice aroma in the house of baked cheese and caramelized onion!!

  3. Looks great ili, made potato cheddar loaf and tomorrow night I will be baking the Asiago Cheddar Miche. With the barm, take care, Brandon


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