bread baking challenge # 8 - CINNAMON STICKY BUNS

  CINNAMON BUNS (IN USA)  WASP'S NEST (IN ROMANIA) is another bread-baking challenge!

I was very happy to start baking this sticky bun because this is one of the childhood sweets that  I remember with pleasure.
After you mix all the ingredients and make a nice smooth dough, you have to follow certain rules to be able to make equal buns, that you are going to bake together in a casserole.
You make a 14/8" dough, and after adding sugar and a sliver of almond, make a roll.

You are cutting this roll at every inch, so you can have equal size buns, that you are putting loose in a baking casserole. After they raise for 1h and become a tight mass you bake.

Once you prepare the cinnamon buns, roll them in an oven casserole and bake for 45 minutes, at 350F.

It is a real treat, ripping a roll from the whole bread,...... it is sweet and soft and moist at the same time...

A single, baked, sweet, moist bun is to die for!!  Coffee anyone?

In Romania, we call this dessert "wasp nest" not only for its appearance but for the sweet and sticky top, reminding you of honey.
Just before is baked, we pour on top a mixer of hot milk with dissolved honey, which bring the stickiness and sweetness that you never forget and you miss. One's baking after that for 10 more minutes, to become dark brown and shiny. Good appetite!


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