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HAZELNUT DACQUOISE (TORT DACQUOISE) Dacquoise is a dessert cake, which has a creamy and crispy texture, derives its name from a French word dacquoise which means ‘of Dax’; which is the name of a city in Southwestern part of France. The cake is usually served chilled with fruits and is available in many different flavors including coffee, raspberry and caramel. It is also referred to as nut meringue.,mixing%20egg%20whites%20and%20sugar.&text=This%20French%20dessert%20cake%20was,the%20upper%20class%20English%20people . Hazelnut dacquoise THIS IS THE MASTER RECIPE, AFTER THE FAMOUS BRITISH BAKER, Mary Berry.   I have my own notes, that help me to bake this splendid cake. ( AT END ) Mary Berry’s Hazelnut Dacquoise Servings:  12   ( MARILYN, home baker’s blog)   Ingredients: 9 oz. blanched hazelnuts (about 2½ c. coarsely ground) 1½ c. superfine (baker’s) sugar, d

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