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Folded semolina bread (cooking with my grandson)

I am using semolina bread dough for my cooking lesson with my grandson. It is a nice dough, to learn how to make bread, and almost ni knead, in an hour one can use the raised bread dough. There is a group of bakers in Bulgaria that are extremely good at folding bread dough for celebrations, weddings, gatherings.  Dobriana Dimova is one of the most known, on her YOUTUBE Channel. There are very beautiful, amazing creations. I chose this fold from: PRIATEN APETIT! (bulgarian=bon appetite) because it is a little easy to teach my grandson, how to fold the dough. Divide the dough into 10 equal pieces, and put them aside. Chose a round oven pan, 9" diameter, and brush with oil, or use parchment paper. One ball goes in the middle of the pan. Use each ball to make a triangle fold as it follows in the video above: Roll a ball in a small circle. Brush with melted butter. Folded in two, and folded in 2 triangles at the end of the folder. Add these

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