SPINACH PIE WITH FILO DOUGH (Jamie Oliver quick method)


My grandfather came to Greece, to University(Iasi, Romania) met my grandmother, and never went back. So my mom learned as a child that Greek food and using fillo was very common in my childhood home: spinach, cheese, leek, and apples.
My friends remember my grandmom making big fillo dough on a big dinner table, in the dining room.

I just found a recipe from  Jamie Oliver, that I like very much.


5 eggs

2.5 cups (300g) fresh cheese ( your choice, feta, cottage, OR ricotta) 

1/4 cup (50g) cheddar cheese,  grated

1 small onion

1 bell pepper

2 tablespoons oil 

pepper, salt,


2bags spinach, fresh

fillo dough

!0” frying pan 



Heat the oven, to 400F.

Jamie Oliver uses a different method, than my mom, my grandmather, method that I am used to.

It is very good, quick and easy.

I am adding caramelized onion/pepper to spinach.  On a 10" frying pan I add oil and chopped onion/pepper and fry for 3-5 minutes. Add all the fresh spinach, to the pan. Looks like a lot, but keep mixing, the spinach will wilt it down soon. Mix this spinach with salt, pepper, and oregano.  

In a bowl mix cheese with eggs and then mix with spinach. Set aside.

On a table put a big parchment paper, scorch in water add oil well, and keep adding a layer of filo dough (4 pieces), to be enough to cover the frying pan.

This parchment paper is important and will be the base for the pie. Keep adding filo dough and spray melted butter with a fork on each sheet (my grandmom's method). Add spinach mix and keep adding filo spraying with melted butter.

3-4 layers of fillo dough over the spinach mix and bring fillo dough on top of the spinach. Spray some melted butter.

I like to set a nice filo dough sheet on top of the pie and spray it well with melted butter.

Put 2 minutes the pan with parchment paper and pie  on high heat, on the stove,

Put the pan, in the oven, at 400F, for 20 minutes.

 Take out the parchment paper, and slide the pie on a serving platter.

 Bone appetite! 



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