STARTING TOMORROW: MY OWN bread baking challenge.

MY CONFESSION: Tomorrow it is my day off and I am very excited to start my bread-baking challenge.

Nicole, from the "pinch my salt" blog, started this challenge and many people around the world follow these book recipes.

We all follow this basic bread-baking recipes and we speak about them in our blogs, our success, or things to remember next time.

For the first bread in this challenge that I will start tomorrow, I chose

Ciabatta bread it is very special to me. It reminds me of the time as a little girl, this is the bread we use to eat, my grandmother baking in the kitchen and I remember as a picture hooked in time, as I was singing... I was on a wooden horse and my grandmother baking... the perfect picture...

I didn't know what it is called but seeing it in this book that we follow the recipe it is exactly as I remember.... crunchy and big holes in it!

We came to this blessed country, 22 years ago from Romania, that time a very harsh communist country ( not anymore, thank god!). This is because, my father was born here and they chose to go back to Romania (Transylvania, which they love) when my father was 10. My father and my mother came here when he was 70, and then my grandmother came too.  My brother and I with all our children and family, we came a little later. 
We live in the Boston area, and my brother, his family, and my parents, in Nashua NH, 45 miles north of us.

Bread and polenta are very important in all our daily food. I am baking bread since I came here and this is the first time I follow some expert advice, so I am very excited.

I have my book and tomorrow I will start my bread. I hope it will be a great experience.

The Ciabatta bought from Bakery and my Ciabatta bread at left.
My Ciabatta bread is a very good, chewer, tasty bread but has not so many holes as I would expect!!


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