Monday, November 14th I was a lucky person to have 3 tickets for Martha' show in New York City: my mother, my friend and I.

I find out two weeks in advance that I have 3 tickets to her show, I tried few times over the years… this  is the first time I got in.
It was a show about “Thanksgiving” and about balloon’s Macy’s Parade. 

We got a book about this Parade, because the author was there with Martha, we learn how to carve a turkey, we learn about few side dishes for “Thanksgiving day”.

 We went to the Martha’s TV station, in Chelsea, waiting line to enter, name, id, security and so on and wait for about 2h in waiting room, until 10am when the tv show start: MARTHA SHOW

 During TV show we watch all the show, from our benches. There were some people questioning, some people shared with Martha the show

We had a lot of fun with Joey Kola, always-energetic and a stand-up comedian, who was there before the show, during the show, during commercials, after the show.

Martha was very professional and to the object, during the TV time, but after the show she was so nice, speaking to us, encouraging us to speak, she answers our questions.

My question was about dough, mainly bread dough, that sometime, unexpected become sticky: the same recipe, the same ingredients and is very difficult to deal with, almost impossible to braid or to give a nice shape. She said this is probably because of humidity first, and then probable because of the flour’s batch that I used. As she knows very well as a baker, she said that this should not annoy me because today’s trend for bread dough is stickier than before, because this dough should give a very light, bubbly loaf that envies everybody. 


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