Sweet cheese pie with raisins topped with meringue (modified from EMILIA recipe)


For this pie, we use the oven tray. 

If you use puff pastry, the pan does not need to be greased. For any other dough, grease the pan.

Roll out a sheet of dough as big as the tray.

Make the cheese filling:

750g of fresh cheese (ricotta), 

3 spoons of sour cream, 

5 spoons of sugar,

 4 eggs, 

1 packet of vanilla sugar,

4 spoons of semolina, 

50 g of raisins.

 Everything is mixed well.

Spread evenly on the dough sheet.

Make the meringue:

4 large (120g) egg whites

Pinch of jump

1 cup (200g) sugar

1 teaspoon white vinegar OR lemon juice

Beat the egg whites with sugar for the meringue, until stiff peaks form, in about 8-10 min.   

Spread meringue evenly over the cheese.

Place the tray in the oven and BAKE at 275F for one hour.

It is cut into squares after it is baked.

One can choose to have 1/2 pan cheese, or 1/2 pan-fried apple (strudel style).
 Topp all pan with meringue.


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