I was looking for this kind of recipe for quite a while…. There are many recipes in internet, French, Romanian,  British, Americans, …. but I find this romanian recipe that I like it because has  ONLY yolks, sugar, gelatin and whipped cream. No cheese, no milk, no other ingredients…
It is published by Gina Braga, in her romanian  blog, 
 “POFTA BUNA” ( Bon Appétit)


For the cream:

-8 yolks
-2 lb of  heavy cream (for whipped cream)
- about 3 packs of gelatin (20g)
-1 cup sugar  
-1 dash salt 
-1 vanilla pod ,  OR/ 2 teaspoons essence 

For decoration:

-2 oranges ( thin slices, no rind)
-1 large compote of pineapple rounds
-other fruit: kiwi, cherry, strawberries, raspberries  
-1 thin Sheet cake /OR 300g  lady fingers


1. Yolks together with sugar and vanilla stick (seeds and vanilla) are put on bain-marie. Mix continuously, until the sugar dissolves and a thick cream forms.
Great Attention!  If you don’t use bain-marie method, the egg mixer  does not have to boil,  because at this temperature the egg coagulates, curdle.

2. You hydrate Gelatin  in a little liquid (  I used  peach syrup that I have set aside for dipping lady fingers, but one can use milk, water…) and mixed well, not to remain firm granules. Leave  the gelatin mix on counter for about 10 min.
When it has absorbed all the liquid, put it  in warm cream (1.) and stir until it dissolves, but be careful not to boil!  
.3. You beat  heavy cream to make whipped cream.  

4. When the yellowish egg/gelatin cream is cold, add it to the whipped cream, turning slightly from bottom to top, so that it is thoroughly mixed, resulting in a gorgeous, yellow and foamy cream.

5. At this moment you can add cubes of fruits (strawberries for instance) washed, and very well dry in paper towel.


Prepare 9” spring pan lined with parchment paper, bottom and sides.

On the bottom start an art assembly,  slices of orange, kiwi, pineapple (they will be the face of the cake, so we start to sit from the bottom up). You have the option to create!!!
Add orange slices (without rind) on the margin of the spring pan.

Add few tablespoons of prepared whipped cream , and layer over fruits.

Dip lady fingers in syrup and add neatly over cream.

Add another layer of  cream.

One should repeat these layers, but the last layer should be the cream.

I added a piece a parchment paper on top of spring pan and keep the tort in refrigerator, at least 4 hours, better over night.

Next day, peel the parchment paper out and helping with a nice plate, turn everything over it. 

Slowly get the spring pan over so the first layer of fruits will be on top.