It is summer in FLORIDA!!!! Is not all the time? No! Summer means hot, hot, hot and humid, humid, humid!!! You don’t want to be outside…You don’t want to go around!..... 

All you want cold drinks, a dip in the pool and ice-cream…..It is all you think about!
For a nice party some ice cream towers are a blessing! You can make it before hand, or everybody can be creative!

It is not so much to prepare, but there is some preparation beforehand!


1.     Thin cookie.
There are ready made or you can bake your own.
 I found that “MORAVIAN COOKIE” is pretty good choice, many kinds, in all groceries store, thin and right size: lemon, ginger, cinnamon, chocolate.
There is some thin cookie at the baker’s counter, that are good, plain and with nuts.

2.     Vanilla Ice cream.
I am choosing natural vanilla ice cream, low fat and low sugar. This way the amount of fruits, chocolate, caramel sauces I am adding will not add more unwanted calories. I was surprised to find out that a very good ice cream as BREYERS has “Splenda” for low sugar ice-cream. This is way I prefer “no added sugar ice-cream” there is the sugar from milk, not from chemicals!

This is a long quest for me to find the best, low sugar, frozen yogurt LEMON ice cream. As my mother’s use to make, in summer, in Romania, using salt and chopped ice in an ice barrel machine!!!! I could not find the right consistency, the right yogurt, the right taste! This is why I am using as a base low fat, low carb vanilla, ice cream…as natural as I can get!
Everybody can choose what the best for their family is!

3.    Fruits.
I am using raspberries, mango, and lemon, for which that I found very good recipes.
 You put the ice cream in the open face, long jars, for easy use, scratching the surface (as professional gelato).

2lb mushed raspberries with 4tbl spoon powder sugar, to dissolve. Pass through a sieve.

 For many years I am using mango pure from Indian stores, in can. 


I am using a very good lemon curd, or you prepare one yourself. For more lemony taste, you can add lemon rind, from an organic lemon.

Martha Stewart lemon curd’s recipe:

4.    Ice-cream toppings 

Chopped nuts, colored candy, ice-cream sauces, sprinkles candy, and many others that you like.


Once Vanilla ice-cream is soft you mix, equal amount, with prepared fruit, making 3 kinds of flavored ice-cream.

Using cookie and different ice-creams one should make towers from it, using your /OR/ your guests imagination: same ice-cream tower, different flavor ice-cream tower…as fancy as you like! Freeze for a while, add chocolate and caramel sauce, serve as an open sandwich, as a whole sandwich, or a full tower!

Just have fun with it, make it and choosing!


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