DeliberateLIFE magazine, Fay Johnson’s magazine

 DeliberateLIFE magazine, Fay Johnson’s magazine,   is a big success. It is out the 3-rd issue it is an ode to the great outdoors and to the wonderful months of summer.
It is intended to be an IPAD magazine, being easy to open, carry with you when you need it, being close to you, all the time. 

Check it out:

“We are a community of people seeking to make a difference in the world, by choosing to do what is good for us, our families, our local community, and our neighbors across the sea. We are listening, learning, and innovating our way to a better tomorrow.
We are always looking for people to join our team. If you are interested in being a regular contributor, please review the following guidelines that will help us learn more about you.”

The summer issue is divided into 5 chapters, getting all about longs, wonderful days of summer….
  • Daily Life
  • Features
  • Engage
  • Perspectives
  • Travel
 Daily life with how to have a great soiree, outside in the garden, plates, food, and cocktails recipe and all your good friends around…..
This continues with backyard farming and saves the rain methods, a road trip in the mountains, finishing in the last chapter with visiting Cambodia.
 As a volunteer work in India, HANDS ON HOUSE foundation brings a shiny ray of hope and joy, to people that is going to receive a full house that they can use for them and their children.
The magazine is full of great pictures and it is a easy task to follow the subjects and reading
I strongly recommend, it is a good summer reading full of many useful things for you and your family life. 

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