ALL ABOUT MY DAUGHTER, publishing a children book


My daughter is very artistic: she is painting, she is writing, she is sewing, she is singing….

 She started to paint first, a story….. and slowly,…. Later,…. start editing (from her newspaper’s days)   a story around  her paintings.
Her little son, was very involved in the story, having ideas, decided what painting to use and so on.

"EVERY DUCK IS DIFFERENT!" is the title of the book.

All started from a little duck, Giani, who went so far away from home, he got lost.

He has seen many different ducks, different  birds and different places, in his traveling, learn many things all the way, but nothing was so good as his own home, a
nd his own family…

At the end he  was so happy to get back to them… and he was so happy to tell them all the stories of his little adventure!
Let's let my daughter to tell us the end of the story:
"Goodbye, Giani" chuckled Carl  'Be careful, and listen to your parents from now on."
Then Carl was gone and Giani walked toward the two trees he missed so much, near his home.
"Every duck is different," Giani said one more time. And with that, he was happy to be home.
The end.


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