VALENTINE DAY: In Boston, from Malta, pastizzi

Chocolate and cheese pastizzi (from Malta), placintele ( from Romania) and Champagne for
 Valentine day.

I found  the recipe for these little pastry called pastizzi, in Malta, at one of the food blog, ("Felice in the kitchen"), and reminded me of little placintele we make in Romania.

1 sheet puff pastry;

 For the Filling:
2lbs ricotta/or cream cheese
2 eggs(beaten)
salt and pepper to taste
optional: some chopped parsley
 optional: caraway seeds, 2tablespoons

 I took a puff pastry sheet and cut many round shapes with a floured glass. Coat the margins with egg wash, put a little cheese/or chocolate piece and folded to make a "pastizzi" shape of a diamond.
 You can make a square shape and folded in two, glue by egg wash on the margins.

NOTE: When you fold the pastry make sure you don't press the margin down, only folded on top of each other. This way it will have this diamond shape, very characteristic for pastizzi!


Brush the outside of the pastry with egg wash, to get this nice brown color, when they are baked.
 Put them on a baking sheet ( no need to butter the pan) and bake for 25 minutes at 400F.

They are tall, puffed brown, small little deliciously pastry.

Champagne and chocolate pastry: Happy Valentine day!

 Here is a video how Maltese professionals  make pastizzi:


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