This is a very old recipe that I found in one of my grandmother cookbooks…. I was surprised, when I was younger, to find an Italian cookbook (translated in Romanian) Why Italian? I have no idea. The moment I read this recipe I realized as good as it is, quick, fresh ingredients, that you can have all summer!

I think this is a very good recipe for working in the field, harvesting the grapes, for wine in fall…. It is a long list to do, and the days are so short, by fall! Coming home from vineyard, dusty, tired and hungry this is all you need for a good diner recipe.
You can be very inventive with this recipe; you can get it ready after your long work day, for a quick
 lunch, alone or with friends!
I have here the basic recipe, but you can modify and/or add many things!
Somebody from my teaching class said “maybe this was the beginning of pizza”! Maybe, who knows?

1 Tart crust/of your choice/
2 Tomatoes, ripped, and different colors (if possible)
½ lb Mozzarella, fresh
Very good oil (extra virgin oil)
3 tsp herbs: parsley, dill, basil…crushed and sliced…from your garden, or dry /any combination that you like/

1   1.      You bake half done the pie crust.
2   2.      Slice tomato and arrange in a raw on the bottom tart
3   3.      Add fresh  mozzarella ( small pieces, or sliced)
4   4.      Drizzle with oil
5   5.      Add herbs.
6   6.      Bake about 5 more minutes, or until mozzarella is melted

I pared this with Vermouth, Italian, dry, white. 
Vermouth is an aperitif drink, beside grape's wine, they add some herbs to bring a little pleasant-sweet- bitter taste, for “before dinner” drink.

Because it is about ITALY, I prepared few pictures to describe my one week stay in Italy; Venice, Florence and Rome.

They were very much interested in pictures and about my experiences, and few of the lady were in Italy as well.
It was a memorable day in the NURSING HOME!


  1. thank you for sharing the recipe, hope to see Italy one day.


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