bread baking challenge #23: PANE SICILIANO/ SICILIAN BREAD/ #23

Sicilian bread =Pane Siciliano #23

This bread is a perfect mix of semolina flour (40%) and high gluten /like bread flour/ (60%) flour. Semolina is a gritty, sandy flour from durum wheat, that brings a pleasant crispy consistency.

You need the first 3 cups of patee fermentee, that you make a day ahead and keep in the refrigerator overnight: 
1c and 1/8 unbleached all-purpose flour + 
1c and 1/8 brad flour+
3/4 tsp salt, +
1/2 tsp yeast +
3/4 c warm water, 
knead for 6 min and keep at room temp for an hour, in an oily bowl until tomorrow morning, in the refrigerator.

Cut  patee fermentee into about 10 small pieces this 3 cups,  and add:

1cup and 3/4 unbleached bread flour
1cup and 3/4 semolina flour
1tsp and 1/4 salt
1tsp and 1/4 yeast
2tbs oil
1tbs honey
1c and 1/2 warm water

Stir all together, manually knead, or in an electric mixer to make a nice, silky dough.

 Ferment the dough in room temp covered with plastic wrap for about 2h, and the dough doubles in size.

 cut the dough into 3 pieces and start shaping, it in a very special shape "s" or make a long loaf.

Making a long tread, start working from both ends. the coil in both directions, making an "s" shape.

 Mist the loaves with water, spread sesame seeds on top, and place in refrigerator overnight, or leave at room temp for about 2h, to double in size.

 Start oven at 500F, place a pan of water at the bottom of the oven, and put full-proofed loaves for 15 minutes, to become nice and brown

Turn oven to 450F and leave to bake for about 20-25 minutes, until internal temperature rich 200F.

The outside is very crispy, inside is very soft, but the semolina ingredient brings a little crunchy to the crumbles.



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