bread baking challenge # 10 CORN BREAD-


Corn bread is a vivid memory of my childhood mornings when my grandmother used to bake before we wake up. and used to bring to the breakfast table. It was a little sweet, very good soft and tasty. we would have with fresh cow milk, feta or plain yogurt. I still remember the taste of corn meal bread,  little sweet, soft and crunchy in the same time.....I came in this country, long, long after my childhood, my parents, my grandmother, my brother, his family..... are all here. I bought one day a nice looking, well baked corn bread. I bring it to my grandmother ( she was almost 100 years old).... and she was so happy to see that wonderful, baked corn bread. But, it was the right consistency, the right color..... TOO SWEET,.... by far too sweet.

I am going to follow Mr. Reinhart challenge recipe, but I am going to cut the sugar a little, and I am going to cut the frayed bacon, a  taste that I never liked.
Reading in his book, I noticed he is saying to make muffin or corn bread, so I decided to make MUFFINS, we can have for breakfast.

I soaked corn meal with buttermilk and I start adding the rest of ingredients:

First the dry ingredients: flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, to the mixing bowl.

I add all the liquid ingredients: eggs, melted butter, honey and soaked corn meal, to the bowl.

 I used a paddle and medium speed to mix well all ingredients, and I start to brush the hot, melted butter into the muffin form.

I fill up the muffin holes,

and bake at 375F for 45 minutes. The book is asking for 35 minutes, but everybody else is saying 45 minutes is needed.


The muffins become brown and very nice baked. They are very good taste, crunchy, my husband and I had a wonderful lunch, warm  muffins, yogurt, milk and butter.

Crunchy outside, nice and soft, airy inside.


  1. Yum! That sounds wonderful, I will have to make them this week now. I agree with you, cornbread is often made too sweet. Thanks!

  2. KaryGonyer made a comment about my muffins, in face book:(
    i am making cornbread tonight, to go with my first chili of yhr season

  3. criss ann and kristinOctober 5, 2009 at 9:32 PM

    I've being thinking about cornbread almost all week...ya! must be the rain!

  4. Renee.thank you for your comment I cut from the Peter Reinhart's recipe, all the white and brown sugar, I kept only, the honey and the cornbread came up very good! We enjoy it!

  5. Arata super !Trebuie sa ne dai reteta,pentru ca altfel vom fi nevoiti sa venim la tine sa mancam

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