Bread Baking Challenge #37. Swedish Rye bread (Limpa)

Heavy, hearty, and a  wonderful bread for a  cold, winter, night soup..

Long before this Bread Baking challenge that I follow, my friend  AneLee,  from Finland, teach us how to bake this wonderful bread in a class for baking, at the Quincy library.  Her parents had a bakery and she was working, helping them, as a child, and later , as an adult.

I was very surprised that you start with a cup of rye flour and  1 cup of water that you leave on counter in the kitchen. In few days it start raising, bubbling and smell sour. This method is used  Finland in all the kitchens  it is there for starting making bread any time you need it.

I learned  in this "Bread Baking Challenge" that is called "biga" and  is used in many other countries. For example,  it is important part for "panetone" a rich, sweet bread from Milan. This method use the  wild, natural yeast that grows on rye  kernels.